Is Probux a scam or legitimate PTC ?

site-probuxI have seen and used so many PTC sites and most of them were scam. But first time I saw probux I thought “This is different and legitimate”. The Website looks modernized and I can accessed it even from my mobile. Probux even have Norton and Truste certifications I felt like sites looks more secure and trusted. If probux is a scam? why bother spending thousands for certifications. Probux have the world’s most secure payment method “Paypal” so no need to think twice so I decided to give probux a try.

Probux professional support help me out the things that I need to clarify before starting up. I’m recommending it to everyone to go through and clear all your doubts of probux is a scam or not. Probux have an awesome community of users to help you out to understand how probux works, even they have localized it to countries so you can connect any member from your own region and language. I found this very trustworthy it cleared all of my doubts about Probux, Go to forums and see for yourself, this is not just an another PTC scam. I found this worth mentioning because the cyber crimes are increasing in the world day by day. Service providers need to ensure customers privacy and secure transactions. Probux have 256 bit SSL protection to secure their users from unauthorized third party criminals. Probux have a DDOS( Distributed Denial Of Service) protection to prevent organized hacking attempts to the probux servers. So good luck to all the hackers who need to get my account details and cash.

signupprobuxI have a good experience as a member in Probux, Thats why I’m writing this so I can be a good cause for someone else too. I used probux in my free time after work at home or in the lunch hour at my work place. It is simple as that all I need to do was view advertisements. Not like other scam PTC programs every time I login to the system there are many advertisements where I can view and earn. If you are a good member who is helping to grow Probux you can be a golden member for free. or you can purchase an upgrade plan. Here comes the best part of Probux, they are offering Instant Payments so not like other scam PTC programs I don’t need to reach huge payment amount threshold, normally you can find out if the program is scam or not after reaching this threshold and getting the first payment. In Probux there are no such huge threshold you can get Instant payment whenever you want.

I just created this video where i did some reserch about Probux website et the company running the PTC :

Go and earn some money… Click here to signup and Happy Probuxing everyone.


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